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    Dwann has spent over two decades utilizing his communication skills to discuss and humorously solve the problems of the day. In addition to his radio show, he is also a stand-up comedian. His provocative humor has gained him fans from across the world. 

    When Dwann’s not using his humor to bring attention to key topics relevant to black people, he uses his talent to help others. As the founder of Breakthrough Advocacy, he works to provide special needs children with the environment they need to thrive at their schools.  He brings 25 years of working with children in numerous roles like tutor, mentor, basketball coach, behavior coach, and education advocate. To assist with the parent-child relationship, Dwann specializes his public speaking on how adults should speak to teens and tools for teens to communicate without anger. The beginning of his career journey can also be seen with his bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies at California State University Northridge.

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